martes, 1 de mayo de 2012

I don't really care, do i? (01:24)

So i've decided to write like this, just because when i read it, it sounds like i'm saying it, just like it's on my mind when i thinking it. Maybe it's not right, and people usually looks down on me for not speaking my own languague, but that's just because they don't understand. Maybe it makes them angry, that i do understand and they don't. And it's like i'm making fun of them. I'm not, i'm really not. But they don't know that.
I was at a friend's house yesterday. We were eating and talking and it was fun, i was having a good time, i was very dizzy and i didn't say it to anyone, but i was having a good time anyway. Well that was until my friend's father started talking about gay people, "unnormal" people as he called them. I got mad, i looked at him and told him they weren't unnormal, but it was his house and i was getting really really mad about it, so i just shut up, i didn't say anything. My friend knew i was gonna react somehow, she never thought i was gonna stay quiet, but i just said that they weren't what he was saying they were. And then we change the subject.
So today we were eating, sweets and coffee. And everyone was talking and i was with my phone trying to get into tumblr because i felt like i didn't belong, and i can not not speak english, my friend knows me, but everyone else thinks i'm a freak or something because i speak english all the time. I tried to explain that it wasn't on purpuse it just comes out because i spend too many time on tumblr writting in English, i speak English at my house, with my sister, with my friends, i watch movies and series all in English and not all the time with subtitules. I don't know, i guess i really really like the language, and it's not like i don't LIKE to speak Spanish, i like it. But like i said, it sounds better this way, more... i don't know a good word for it, it sounds better, just... better.

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